The Ninth Day

Ninth DayWhen biochemist Emma Caldridge stumbles upon a group of human traffickers, “coyotes”, smuggling illegals across the Arizona border, she suddenly finds herself prisoner of the most violent and feared drug lord in Ciudad Juarez. La Valle is ruthless, and his power and influence stretches from Mexico to Chicago. But La Valle is facing a much bigger problem than one American seeing his smuggling operations – a flesh eating toxin has developed on his prized marijuana leaves, and once touched or even inhaled, it kills the victim in just nine painful days. La Valle believes that this contagion is a product of U.S. agents contaminating his leaves in an effort to stop his operations, and he swears to exact his revenge.

Determined to find a cure and to stop La Valle from attacking American cities, Emma desperately searches for clues to help stop this virulent disease. Quick-thinking and bold, Emma will not be bullied by La Valle and his lackeys. She refuses to put any more lives at risk unnecessarily until she can discover an antidote. But when she herself becomes infected, the race is on, and she must find the answer before she reaches THE NINTH DAY


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